June News

June was a big month for us and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.  

We packed up our little duplex in Pittsboro, NC and caravanned to Cleveland. Sean drove the moving truck, his dad drove Sean's car, and I had a really fabulous (and not stressful at all, I promise) drive with a 6 month old and my pup.  Yes, there was some sarcasm there but for the most part I was so relieved that Alasdair slept a lot of the time... and when he was screaming I resorted to singing "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" as loud as possible, which strangely made him cry harder. 

We've really been enjoying the little road we live on. Alasdair, Finn and I have taken a lot of walks (when it hasn't been raining.... I forgot how much it storms in the spring in Ohio!). Sean prepared for a big hiking trip he was taking to New Hampshire with his dad and some work buddies, and my mom came to stay with Alasdair and I while Sean was gone.  She is the ultimate grammy and Alasdair adores her so much. I felt like I had a full time live in nanny- grandmas are awesome! Sean and I have really been loving having our families so close.  We missed that a lot in NC. 

Here are some highlights from June in photo-form (iphone pics inlcuded)!