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June News

June was a big month for us and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.  

We packed up our little duplex in Pittsboro, NC and caravanned to Cleveland. Sean drove the moving truck, his dad drove Sean's car, and I had a really fabulous (and not stressful at all, I promise) drive with a 6 month old and my pup.  Yes, there was some sarcasm there but for the most part I was so relieved that Alasdair slept a lot of the time... and when he was screaming I resorted to singing "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" as loud as possible, which strangely made him cry harder. 

We've really been enjoying the little road we live on. Alasdair, Finn and I have taken a lot of walks (when it hasn't been raining.... I forgot how much it storms in the spring in Ohio!). Sean prepared for a big hiking trip he was taking to New Hampshire with his dad and some work buddies, and my mom came to stay with Alasdair and I while Sean was gone.  She is the ultimate grammy and Alasdair adores her so much. I felt like I had a full time live in nanny- grandmas are awesome! Sean and I have really been loving having our families so close.  We missed that a lot in NC. 

Here are some highlights from June in photo-form (iphone pics inlcuded)!

New Girl in Town

Hi! If you've visited my "About Me" section you will have read about my family's recent trek from North Carolina back up to Northeast Ohio.  Sean, my husband, grew up in this area, while I grew up in a suburb of Columbus. Westerville. AKA heaven on earth :) I'm sort of kidding- but I'm sort of not.  Westerville aside, I'm thrilled to be living in Cleveland :) We are close to Sean's family and my family is just a short drive away.

We moved to Mayfield Heights at the beginning of June and we both absolutely love it here. Sean was born in Parma and then grew up some in Mentor.  He later moved to Nebraska and I guess it was SO thrilling there that they shortly moved back here and he spent the rest of his youth in Kirtland.  After meeting in college, we got married after graduation and moved to NC. We moved to NC right after our wedding... as in the next morning.  We pit-stopped in the Smokey Mountains for a honeymoon because thats who we are.  During our 5 years living in NC we went to the beach only 2 times and spent many fall and summer weekends camping and hiking in the mountains. We already have our October camping trip planned with our friends we left back in NC.

Our son, Alasdair (pronouced: al-i-stir) was born in mid December.  After a nearly textbook perfect pregnancy and a quick delivery, we encountered just about the last thing we ever thought would happen.  We were cleaning up our hospital room and packing up and that mother's intuition thing clicked in.  I asked the nurses to check him over more because I felt like things weren't right and I didn't want to go home yet.  They kept reassuring me that he was fine, that babies have a tough time eating in the beginning, and that everything would be okay once we got home. Long story short- after a terrible afternoon of doctor after doctor coming into our room and performing different tests on him they realized he had TEF (trachea esophageal fistula). His esophagus wasn't connected to his tummy. He had surgery a few days later, and he was back in my arms by Christmas day.  We spent his first 2 weeks in the NICU and went home on New Years Day. Anyway- it was terribly hard and he is the toughest little guy ever. We were so grateful that the surgery went as good as it could have and that he has recovered wonderfully. This kid has no issues when it comes to eating... he's such a chunk. I love it. I could talk all day about my little boy. 

Back to photography.  For the past 5 years, until Alasdair was born, I focused mostly on couples, engagements, and weddings. I love love love taking pictures of people in love. Since becoming a mom, my focus and enjoyment has really geared toward families and children! I'm really looking forward to meeting more local families in NE Ohio and seeing where the next few years bring me! I'm looking forward to meeting YOU :)